PanCare Medical TCF @ West is a purpose-built facility catering for medically stable patients from public hospitals waiting for long-term care arrangements, such as home or nursing home placement. Our team of experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals aim to make your stay with us a safe, enjoyable and memorable one!


Medical Care: Our doctors and nurses provide round-the-clock medical monitoring and skilled nursing care to address the health needs of our patients. We also have a team of family physicians who will review our patients regularly, manage their chronic conditions, monitor with blood tests, administer required vaccinations, and update their medical records, saving the patients the hassle of travelling out to a polyclinic or GP clinic for follow up. Patients with medications not available at our partnering clinic will still need to go to a polyclinic for review.
Rehabilitation: In close collaboration with the medical team, our experienced and dedicated therapists will curate therapy programs for our patients to maintain their current function.
Activities of Daily Living: To empower individuals in their journey to recovery, we will provide all necessary assistance and training to regain independence in daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, and grooming if possible. We also provide care giver training.
Social Activities: A wide range of social activities, dementia care programmes and volunteer visits are available. Patients will also have access to our community garden which is a specially designed trail with sensory features that stimulate the senses of sight and smell.


A team of experienced and compassionate professionals will be working together to meet your individual needs, keeping you and your loved ones up-to-date and informed of your medical journey. This team will include:
Doctors: Family physicians overseeing your medical care.
Nurses: Skilled nurses providing round-the-clock care and support.
Therapists: Rehabilitation experts tailoring programs to accelerate your recovery.
Case Managers: Facilitators ensuring seamless communication and coordination of your care plan and longterm placement.